5 Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains in Your Cambridgeshire Home

Drains are something that we often don’t take care of, until one becomes blocked and you end up with a sink full of dirty water. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can cause a blocked drain in the modern home, and many people simply don’t realise they’ve done something wrong until they’ve had to call someone out. Whether you live in a new build in Ely, or one of Cambridge’s historic homes, here’s some help from Mitchell and Mayle that Cambridgeshire residents can do to protect their drains.

1. Use a drain cover

Many drain blockages are caused by clogs, and using a drain cover in your kitchen or bathroom can prevent blockages caused by:

  • Food scraps

  • Hair

  • Soap and beauty products

  • Stray items

Drain covers only cost a couple of pounds each but can save you from the hassle of having a blocked drain, especially with large items that can require drain repair. When things get caught in the cover, you can simply pick them up and throw them away.

2. Don’t pour grease down your sink

It’s surprising that many homeowners don’t realise how much trouble pouring fat down their sink can cause. Oil and grease may be in a liquid state when they’re hot, but as they cool down, they form a clog which blocks your drain. You’ll usually have to look for drainage companies to come out and clear the clog. Have a bowl next to the sink to pour old fats into, wait for it to solidify, then throw in the bin.

3. Only flush waste and toilet paper

Ignore any product that claims to be ‘flushable’. The only things that should be flushed down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Many call-outs for emergency drain unblocking are due to things such as wet wipes, nappies, cat litter, and even kids’ toys being flushed down the loo. If you have toddlers, you might want to add a toilet lid lock, so they can’t mess around with the toilet.

4. Remove clogs from your shower drain

Hair is a very common cause of blocked drains, and once a hairball forms, it can be difficult to get rid of. This can even cause damage to your pipes over time, so it’s important to regularly clean stray hairs out of your shower drain. Most showers have a removable drain cover to make this easy. If you have any problems and need to unblock a drain in your bathroom, then you might need to call out the experts who can use specialist tools to remove even stubborn build-ups.

5. Be careful when trying to clear a blockage

When some people see a blockage, they try methods such as using a coat hanger to clear the pipes, but this isn’t a great method for unblocking drains. Trying to dislodge the blockage can push it farther down, and sometimes you can cause more damage by trying to unblock a drain. If you have a blockage, leave it to the professionals.

Got a blocked drain in Ely or around Cambridgeshire?

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Richard Pickul