Modern Methods of Diagnosing and Clearing Blocked Drains

Whether it’s a septic tank or your sink, a commercial building or your home bathroom, having a blocked drain can be an absolute nightmare. Although with the right equipment and experience drain repair doesn’t always have to be a headache. The modern technology that’s being implemented by drainage companies across the UK has made it easier and more efficient than ever to unblock a drain. From advanced techniques of conducting a drain survey, to clearing blocked drains using pressurized water, a modern drainage company like us at Mitchell and Mayle have a variety of high tech tools available in order to get the job done correctly the first time.

Diagnosing Drainage Issues Using Advanced CCTV Cameras 

In most cases more conventional methods, such as high-pressure water jetting, is the simplest and least expensive method of unblocking drains, but at times a more advanced technique is required. This is when you want a drainage company that is prepared with the most high-tech equipment available for both surveying and diagnosing your drainage issues.

Mitchell & Mayle uses the most advanced CCTV cameras available to pinpoint exactly what is causing your blocked drains. Whether your drain has a root growing through it, is cracked and is in need of repair or just has an extraordinarily stubborn obstruction, our cameras will find it. We’ll then take whatever steps necessary to remedy your situation. Whether you need a full on major repair, a commercial installation, or just the simple unblocking of a drain in a residential neighbourhood, we’re equipped to handle anything.

Modern Methods to Unblock a Drain

While most people are familiar with the more traditional methods of clearing blocked drains, such as the use of a sink snake or chemicals, there are many times when these techniques just aren’t enough. If the job is large, or sufficiently complicated, and then you’re going to need drain unblocking specialists in order to get it done properly. There are certain methods that are only available to advanced drainage companies. You’re going to want to find a well-equipped company that’s also High Pressure Water

Jetting Qualified with the National Drainage Academy.

This is because most modern companies now use high pressure water jetting in order to unblock stubborn drains. In fact, this is the primary methods used by large drainage companies when performing most drain unblocking services. Sometimes though, this still is not enough. These rare circumstances are when you need a team of highly-qualified experts that will be able to accurately diagnose, and determine the best course of action for repairing your drain. The average business or homeowner just isn’t equipped to diagnose and clear any serious drainage problems.

If you’re living in the Cambridge area, and are having an issue with a blocked or dirty drain, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Mitchell & Mayle on 01353 687 984. Our expert staff of drainage problem solvers will do what it takes to get your drains fixed and flowing smoothly, and all at an affordable price.

Richard Pickul