The Common Offenders of Blocked Drains

It’s a situation that many of us have found ourselves in: we notice the shower or kitchen sink start to drain more slowly, and begin to pool water. Before long we are dealing with a serious blocked drain. If we handle it right away it can be a quick fix, but there are other times when we have to call in a drain cleaning service to repair weeks or more of build-up and damage.

Pretty much everyone can be accused of flushing or dumping something at some point that they really know shouldn’t go down the pipes. Really, the only things that should be going down the drain are water, toilet paper (but not too much!) and human waste. Other than that, your choices should be: garbage, compost, or recycling bin.

Common Kitchen Blockages

Many people are far too liberal with the garbage disposal—they see it as just another garbage bin. But use it too often and you will likely need to have some emergency drain unblocking done! Grease is a common offender in the kitchen. While many think of it—incorrectly—as a liquid, it can easily cling to the sides of your pipes and lead to huge build up. Throwing other things down the kitchen sink, such as fruit peels or other food waste, can add to the blockage, and quickly result in a serious blocked drain. Instead, consider adding your used coffee grounds and eggshells to the compost, and instead of clogged pipes you’ll have some great fertilizer to work with.

Bathroom Items You Shouldn’t Flush

Much of the body soap that we use in the shower is actually made with grease or fat, which—as we’ve seen in the kitchen—can result in a call to a drainage company. Hair is another commonly seen issue when it comes to clearing blocked drains. Make sure that you have a guard over the drain that you clean often to prevent build up. There are many other items that we know shouldn’t be flushed, such as: feminine products, baby wipes and dental floss. Toilet paper can go down the drain—but only so much at once. Either consider flushing mid-use, or toss some of that paper in the trash to avoid having to unblock your drains later.

Items Clogging Your Outside Drainage System

Heavy rain and storms can wash leaves and dirt down your outside drains, leading to some serious drain repair down the line. If possible, protect your pipes with a cover to prevent debris from washing down and getting clogged. Another big problem that drainage companies see all too often is tree roots obstructing or breaking your pipes. Definitely consider calling a professional if you worry your trees might be causing damage that could lead to huge issues and costly repairs down the line.

Scheduling Drain Unblocking Services

There are some things that we can’t plan for. Children, for instance, are huge culprits when it comes to a blocked drain: toys are removed from pipes on a daily basis. Other things, such as standard bathroom and kitchen items, are easy to avoid you needing emergency drain unblocking services.

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Richard Pickul