Five Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

It’s easy to take our drainage systems for granted, but when things go wrong, you have to call in a specialist to help you clear out the drain. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just prevent the problem in the first place? Here are the top things to avoid putting down your drain.

Oils and Fats

Anything with oil in it can be dangerous to your drains. Even salad dressings with cooking oil in them can contribute to clogs. This is partially due to the fact that the oils mix with other things in your drain and turn into sludge, which can build up and prevent anything from passing through, including water. Grease from bacon or other types of meat can actually end up hardening up a little and blocking the pipes. They create a water resistant blockage, so you can’t just flush it out with a bit of water.


Have you ever made children’s glue by adding water to flour? It not only gets very sticky, it also hardens quite quickly and turns into a durable substance similar to concrete. Now, imagine that in your pipes overnight. Even a small amount of flour can block everything up.

Wet wipes or cleaning wipes

Although many of the wipes that are on the market today state that they are biodegradable, they in fact take a long time to break down. We would always suggest that no wipes are flushed down the toilet due to the fact that they are one of the many causes of a blocked drain or clogged septic tank.

Clip-on toilet fresheners/cleaners

Although perhaps not used as much recently as previous years the clip over the side type toilet freshener have been seen by us lodged in a drainage pipe many a time. We would highly discourage the use of such freshener.

Over using toilet roll

Of course we aren’t say do not use toilet roll completely but restrict the usage of it would be beneficial. If masses of toilet roll are used and flushed in one go this forms a ball of which if it doesn’t break down will cause a blockage. Likewise if lots of toilet roll is used each time a toilet is flushed it can sit in the drainage pipe collecting other soils and any subsequent toilet roll which will too could result in a potential blockage.

When You Have a Drainage Problem

There are endless home remedies for drain blockages, including pouring hot water or vinegar and baking soda down the drain and purchasing chemical cleaners. Of course you could try these methods but if you do use a chemical cleaner then have to call a professional, please be honest what you have placed down the drains as this could cause a potential hazard to them.


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Richard Pickul