What Causes Blocked Drains?

A blocked toilet, clogged sink, or similar problem is something many property owners will encounter eventually. Getting in touch with professionals as soon as you notice a blockage is crucial. If whatever is blocking your drain isn’t removed, pressure could build up in your pipes.

This puts them at risk of bursting. If they do, you’ll face even more problems in the form of water damage and potential mould growth. It’s also worth noting that clogs are often signs of pipe damage. When this is the case, it’s also necessary to ensure your pipes are repaired as soon as possible.

Relying on trained experts to fix the blockage is important for many reasons. A prime one is knowledge. Drains become blocked for many different reasons. Some are relatively insignificant, while others can be more substantial. You need assistance from people who are qualified to identify the specific cause of your clogged drain pipe. By determining the cause, they’re able to determine the proper solution.

They can also provide you with advice for guarding against a blocked drain in the future. Sometimes you may be able to prevent issues by understanding what causes them in the first place.

If you currently have a blocked drain, one or more of the following may be the reason why:

Drain Repair Service Warns About Oil Buildup

Certain materials and substances should never be flushed down toilets or poured down drains. Fats and cooking oils are among them. Unfortunately, people often forget this when preparing meals. They get rid of excess oil by pouring it directly into the kitchen sink.

This is a bad idea. Cooking oils and fats have a tendency to accumulate within drains. Over time, this can result in a clogged kitchen sink.

This is the kind of problem you want to address fast. If you cook often, you rely on your kitchen sink regularly. Our team will clear the blockage efficiently, helping restore the sink’s functionality.

That said, the sink will only get clogged again if you continue pouring oil and fat down the drain. Find other methods of disposing of it to prevent future blockages.

Drain Repair Contractors Explain Broken Pipes

Your drain pipes belong to a network that extends beneath the ground. Thus, they are often vulnerable to damage you may not initially spot.

For instance, some drain pipes installed near trees become damaged eventually when tree roots break through them. A blockage is often the initial result. Again, this is why you need professional service in these instances. Experts have the tools and knowledge necessary to check for this cause. If your drain pipes are broken, our team is also qualified to repair them.

Remember to Keep Hair Out of the Drain

Hair often finds its way into plumbing systems when people don’t prevent it from going down the drain while showering. While this is easy to overlook, it is in your best long-term interests to keep an eye on any hair that falls out in the shower.

Hair easily binds to other substances in your drain, which may cause blockages. Preventing this is as simple as adding a small filter (you can purchase one or create one yourself) over the drain during showering. The filter will catch hair before it winds up clogging your drains.

Watch for Blockages During Rainy Seasons

Sometimes the weather may be the cause of a clogged toilet or clogged kitchen sink. Although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes rain can be so heavy that flooding impedes the flow of water from drainage pipes. Although it’s always important to get in touch with professionals whenever your drain is blocked, if you notice clogs during or immediately after substantial rainfall, this could be the reason.

Drain Repair Contractors Warn About Improper Food Waste Disposal

As was mentioned earlier, it’s easy to dispose of cooking oil by pouring it down the drain during meal preparation. It’s also easy to treat food waste the same.

This is another bad habit to avoid. Accumulated food waste can significantly clog a drain. Be sure to dispose of it properly before, during, and after meals.

Sometimes the Problem is the Result of Poor Installation

Drainage pipes need to be properly installed to function properly. This is a major reason you should never try to handle your own plumbing installation or major repairs. If pipes were not installed correctly, you may develop blockages or damage.

That said, you may not know if your pipes were correctly installed. This is particularly likely if the property is relatively old. Thus, mistakes that were made in the past could result in frustrating problems now. Our experts will take a close look at your drains when cleaning them to determine if improper installation is to blame for your blockage.

Plenty of Objects Can Block Drains

Food, cooking oil, and hair are by no means the only materials and substances that can clog drains. Many unsafe items can end up in your drain pipes for many reasons. Whether it’s a result of someone flushing a sanitary item down the toilet or a child flushing toys, foreign objects may clog your sinks and plumbing fixtures.

That’s a good reason to familiarise yourself with the list of items that should never be flushed or poured down the drain. Sometimes people are surprised to learn that certain types of items can result in blockages. By speaking with professionals and sharing your knowledge with everyone else on the property, you can reduce the odds of such items finding their way into your drain pipes.

Outdoor Debris Sometimes Accumulates in Pipes

Keeping your yard free of debris isn’t just about maintaining its appearance. Leaves, loose grass, and even dirt can all accumulate within drain pipes for various reasons. You may be able to guard against this to an extent by practising thorough lawn maintenance.

That doesn’t mean you always have the ability to prevent such issues. Again, sometimes tree roots can causes drain pipes to crack. Once these cracks form, it’s easy for natural debris to get inside. Water flowing through the pipe may not be strong enough to remove it. You’ll need expert help to fix a clogged drain pipe that’s filled with leaves, dirt, and similar materials. Additionally, you’ll need someone to repair the current damage in order to prevent future blockages.

Drain Pipes Can Collapse

Installing a drain pipe in the proper location is key to avoiding blockages and related problems. This doesn’t just mean making sure the pipe isn’t installed too close to any nearby trees. It also means making sure the pipe is installed deep enough in the ground to protect it from the force of heavy objects.

For instance, if a pipe is installed too close to the surface, it may collapse on itself if someone were to drive or park a heavy vehicle on top of it. The presence of heavy construction equipment on a property can also cause drain pipes to collapse when they aren’t installed deep underground.

Once more, this is the type of issue you can’t prevent if you weren’t involved in the installation of your drain pipe. More importantly, it’s the type of issue you may not know how to identify on your own. You need expert help from drain service professionals to identify this problem and make the necessary repairs.

That said, if you have been advised that your drain pipe is located relatively close to the surface, do your best to avoid parking, building, or placing any heavy items/fixtures near it. Taking basic precautionary steps can help you reduce the odds of damaging your pipes.

Minerals & Sediment May Build Up in Drains

Water flowing through your pipes can carry sediment from plumbing fixtures and related sources along with it. Additionally, minerals in water may harden. All these materials can accumulate within drain pipes. This often results in blockages. You may also notice poor water pressure in the shower if this happens.

Contact the Drain Repair Service Professionals Today

This guide should help you better understand what factors often cause clogged toilets, clogged kitchen sinks, and blocked drains in general. It should also make one thing clear: you can’t always prevent a blockage. While you do have control over some factors, others are out of your hands.

Luckily, you can always call Mitchell & Mayle on 01353 687 984. If you have a clogged drain, we’ll clean it, repair it, and gladly answer any questions you may have about the cause of the problem.

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