Our Guide to CCTV Drain Surveys

Blocked drains can create disgusting smells and cause your toilets to overflow so, when a blockage occurs, it’s imperative to have it looked at as soon as possible. One of the main ways that drain clearance professionals clean drains is by shooting high-pressured water through the pipes to wash away the blockage.

As the water is pumped out of the hose, the hose works its way back through the pipe which means that the entire pipe is cleaned. However, this doesn’t always work. When this is the case, a CCTV drain survey should be performed. Read on to find out more about this process.

What Happens During a Drain Survey?

Using high-tech cameras, a CCTV drain survey will be able to accurately record exactly what is going on within a drain and then feed that information back to an engineer in a live feed. This can give the engineer an understanding of what may be the core issue and propose a solution based on the evidence.

Why Would I Need One?

If you’ve already had a professional come over to look at your drains and they have already tried to clear a blockage by shooting highly pressurised water down your drains and you’ve already tried a number of DIY remedies, then it’s probably time to book in a CCTV survey.

What Can They Uncover?

CCTV drain surveys are an adept technique for uncovering problems that cannot be fixed with pressured water. Generally, these are due to structural problems within the actual pipe rather than a clog. These issues can include a collapse in the pipe, interfering tree roots, general wear and tear within the pie, animals nesting in the pipe or shoddy initial installation.

Mitchell & Mayle: Your Choice For Drain Clearance and Repair

At Mitchel & Mayle, we have the ability to perform a CCTV drain survey when water jetting doesn’t get the job done. This technology allows us to accurately survey the drain and get to the core of the issue and explore the best route forward.

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Richard Pickul