Six Tips For Sprucing Up Your Garden

If your garden is starting to look a little tired and neglected and you’re not sure if you’ve got the time or the money to transform it, don’t panic! There are so many little things you can do on a budget to spruce up your garden. If you can spare an afternoon or a couple of hours here and there, why not spend it sprucing up your garden? Plus, spending time in your garden and being at one with nature can improve your mental health. Here are a few tips for transforming your outside space.

Remove any weeds

Any weeds poking up through the cracks in the paving or a weed infestation in amongst your pretty petunias will make your garden look unkempt, neglected and messy. The most budget-friendly thing you can do is to grab yourself a knee mat or pads, pull on some gardening gloves and start digging up those weeds!

Add a bench

If you believe that your garden space is lacking a certain something, why not add a bench? A colourful wooden bench would certainly brighten up the space whilst still being an affordable option, giving you a place to sit back, enjoy your garden with a good book, a cup of tea and bird song.

Add a few plants

If your garden area is sparse and you’re not sure what to do with it, try adding a few plants. From pansies to tulips, plant a few in the ground or scatter the area with a few decorative pots and this will really breathe some life into your garden. 

Paint your fence and gate

If your garden is looking a bit tired and worn out recently and you’re still not sure why, turn your attention to your fence and any gates you might have. Is it looking faded or chipped or just a bit old-fashioned? Maybe grab a couple of paint pots from the local DIY store and spend a dry, summer afternoon painting it. If it’s a nice, sunny day, it’ll dry in a matter of hours.

Clean your patio

A dirty patio and paving can connote a messy and neglected home. Ensure your patio and paving is clean, healthy and gleaming when any guests visit by spending some time giving them a scrub or pressure wash. Alternatively, you can hire a service to do this on your behalf, leaving your pathways gleaming for months to come.

Clean your gutters out

During the winter and periods of poor weather (which, let’s face it, can be quite frequent in the UK), your gutters can start to overflow with gunk and grime. From dead leaves to bird’s nests, you can find all manner of things in your gutters that really affect the look of your property and efficiency of your water systems too. If you’re nervous on a ladder and aren’t sure where to start, use a quick and cost-effective local service who can do it for you in an afternoon. 

At Mitchell & Mayle, we can give you a helping hand at home with general maintenance. From grass cutting and patio cleaning to gutter clearing and pond digging, we cater to any home in and around Cambridge and Ely today, so get in touch.

Richard Pickul