How a General Maintenance Company Can Make Your Home Market Ready

Selling your home is both an exciting, yet, daunting time, especially if you’re planning on buying a property as well. There a host of obstacles to surpass when running the housing market gauntlet, from securing a buyer to trawling through the mountains of legal jargon. Yet, one aspect of selling your home can sometimes go under the radar, to the detriment of the homeowners – general maintenance.

A simple, yet consistently overlooked, part of selling your home, carrying out necessary repairs and maintenance comprehensively. Whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, maintenance is an essential component to a successful sale. However, knowing where to start can be a struggle. With this in mind, we’ve decided to put this blog together to give you some of our best tips to ensure your home is ready for sale.

Why carry out repairs and maintenance?

As we’ve already mentioned, carrying out maintenance work is an important part when it comes to selling your home. However, you may be tempted to simply ignore this issue and save money on the various maintenance costs incurred. Although tempting, this can cause a significant number of problems for you later down the line.

For starters, if the maintenance issues are aesthetic, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to clinch a sale. Preparing your home for viewings, known as ‘staging’, is an important part of the selling process. From the property’s kerb appeal to the interior aesthetic, you need to make your property is as desirable as possible. If a prospective buyer is looking for a ‘fixer upper’ only to find your home in a state that would be more trouble than its worth, you may find your property languishing on the housing market without an offer.

It’s also important to remember that, even if you find someone to make an offer, you may find yourself in a weaker position when it comes to the deal. This can lead to you settling on an offer that could potentially be much lower than the original asking price.

On the other hand, comprehensive maintenance, if done correctly, can have a significantly positive effect on your market value, especially if these repairs and maintenance jobs update components to your property.

Minor repairs and property maintenance tips

Now that we have some form of understanding as to why keeping on top of maintenance and repairs is so important when on the housing market, you may be wondering where to start. Of course, the dilemma one can face when carrying out maintenance work is whether the job itself will reap a positive return on investment.

If your property is in dire need of a complete overhaul of its plumbing, it may be best to sell the property as is to buyers looking for a project. However, there are a host of smaller jobs that can be carried out that can be a huge boost to your property’s value.

The roof and gutters

When it comes to kerb appeal, your roof is a huge part of your property’s facade and can be a deal-breaker for some prospective buyers. With this in mind, if your roof is missing any slates is suffering from a general lack of maintenance, it’s important to hire a contractor to take a look.

It’s also important to remember to have your guttering cleared properly too. This can be as simple as clearing out dead leaves that have accumulated, however, your drains and guttering may be in need of professional help to get them back up to scratch.

The garden

If you don’t have particularly green thumbs, it can be pretty easy to allow both your front and back gardens to fall into an overgrown and wild state. Front gardens are especially important due to their effects on kerb appeal but are luckily pretty easy to sort with some weed killer and a mower.

A back garden can be a little trickier due to the size difference, however, it is a hugely important component to your home’s overall asking price. According to the Telegraph, a well-maintained garden can add a whopping 20% to your home’s market value, so it should definitely be considered.

Spend time clearing out any garden waste and clutter that could be crowding the garden and make it look more presentable by mowing the lawn or jet-washing the patio.

General cleaning

A relatively obvious step, but one that is sometimes forgotten about, cleaning your property is key to a great looking home. Really take your time ensuring every room is as clean as possible and ensure all of your appliances, including the oven, fridge and dishwasher are sparkling.

If needs be, consider investing in a home cleaning company to give you the ultimate peace of mind that your home is squeaky clean.


Of course, a major upheaval of your property’s plumbing system could be way more costly than its worth. However, if your home is suffering from minor plumbing issues such as blocked sinks and drains or a lack of water pressure, it might be a good idea to get a plumber around.

Decorative touch-ups

Aside from cleaning, look around your property for spots that could do with a touch-up. Homes are meant to be lived in meaning that, over time, it’s not unusual for scuff marks, peeling wallpaper and broken fixtures to appear. However, it’s not something many prospective buyers want to have to deal with.

With this in mind, make all the necessary decorative fixes to ensure the property is shining for future visits.

The importance of getting a professional general maintenance company

Making these minor repairs and maintenance checks can, at first, seem relatively easy. However, if your property is suffering from a lot of issues all at once, it can feel like an uphill battle. Luckily, by hiring a company that can help with general maintenance, you can turn these irritating jobs into a breeze.

First off, by hiring a contractor to help with these kinds of jobs you can save yourself heaps of time in comparison to doing it yourself, freeing you up to get on with the important parts of moving house. It can also be a great way to make a positive return on your investment.

Rather than doing the work yourself, having an industry professional carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance checks will ensure they’re done to the highest standard, potentially increasing your home value in the long-run.

Get your home market-ready with Mitchell & Mayle

Getting your home prepared for sale shouldn’t be a stressful experience, especially if you have a team of professionals on hand to help. At Mitchell & Mayle, we understand the importance of pulling out all of the stops to ensure your property is looking its best, which is why we offer comprehensive general and property maintenance to our customers.

Whether you need a hand with clearing out some especially tricky to reach guttering, garden clearing for those excessively stubborn hedgerows or require a plumber to have a look at fixing some of the more irritating pipe issues around your home, our skilled and experienced team are ready to tackle any repair or maintenance job you need help with.

For more information on our range of services, from general maintenance to unclogging drains, visit our website or get in touch on 01353 687 984.

Richard Pickul